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15 Cats That Are Real Life Superheroes By Saving Human Lives..


To some, cats are just cute pets to have. But, to some cats are their companions and protectors. Sure, they small, and their strength may not compare to that of a larger animal. But, they are quick, and very smart. And, their reflexes are impeccable. When all these skills unite, they can turn any cat into a life saving animal. And, that’s exactly what these particular cats are….life saving heroes. Their stories are all different. But, they’ve all saved humans or even other animals, from time to time 🙂

15. Pudding the Cat Saves His Owner’s Life Mere Hours After Being Adopted


This is Pudding the cat, 21 pounds of pure feline love who lives in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. After years of being in and out of the local humane society, he finally found a forever home in 2012 with a woman named Amy Jung and her son, Ethan. Little did the duo know that the furry new family member that they brought home would actually save one of their lives.

The trouble started just after Amy went to bed that night. Amy, who has had diabetes for the majority of her life, suddenly went into a full diabetic seizure in her sleep. Sensing trouble, Pudding put on his badass cape and went into action.

Pudding nipped at Amy’s face until she was conscious for long enough to yell out her son’s name. However, she was too quiet for him to hear from his room, so Pudding pounced right into his room and jumped around on the bed until Ethan awoke and discovered his mother’s condition. He called for help in time thanks to Pudding, was able to save her life.

Pudding has since been registered as an official therapy animal and official badass.

14. One Hero Cat Body Slams Dog


It was a gorgeous day in Bakersfield, California when four-year-old Jeremy decided to play in his front yard. Unfortunately, at the same time, the neighbor’s dog was actually plotting to make him a human-sized squeak toy.

Jeremy was minding his own business when suddenly a dog leapt out from behind the car in the family driveway, pulled Jeremy off of his bike and then pinned him to the ground. Fortunately for Jeremy, there was a superhero freak in a cloak of fur ready to save the day.

Seeing her human being attacked, Tara, seemingly forgetting the fact that cats are inherently afraid of things that are even remotely larger than them jumped out to bodyslam the dog. She didn’t stop there either, though. She chased the dog off of the property and sent it back home whimpering with its tail between its legs.

This is just one great example of just why you don’t fool with a feline.


13. Sally The Cat Saves Her Human From Being Burned in Fire


Sally is a cat with an ordinary name and also an extraordinary story. Hailing from Australia, Sally enjoyed all of the finer things in life – food, long naps, and of course, dreaming of rescue scenarios in case her beloved human and home were to be suddenly engulfed in flames.

When one day her home did indeed catch on fire, she must have quickly realized that her disturbing tendency to imagine household obliteration was quickly becoming reality – so she snapped right into action.

At 1am on a Monday morning back n 2014, Craig Geeves was resting peacefully in bed when he suddenly realized that Sally was going completely losing her marbles. While this may have been normal behavior for many cats, the fact that she was losing her goddam mind while on top of his head quickly alerted him to the fact that this was not a normal situation. He realized that the house was being consumed by flames, and so, he grabbed Sally and ran to safety.

Ultimately, Sally saved their lives and managed to alert her owner in time to stop the further destruction of their neighbor’s homes.