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14 Products That Any ‘Cat Lady’ Would Appreciate


What really makes a person a “cat lady”? Is it the amount of cats you have? Is it how involved in your cat’s life you are? Is it the way you look? Who knows! But, one thing we do know – a cat lady is someone who is proud to be a cat mom or cat dad. Yes, ‘cat lady’ can be gender neutral. So, of course you’d want to show off your ‘cat lady’ pride! And here are the most epic products to do so! These are beyond ‘must haves’!

1. Cat-Shaped Marshmallows To Put In That Mug


A combination you didn’t know you needed until RIGHT NOW. Get them here, and here is a helpful guide to ordering them for those of us not in Japan.

2. Why not throw some cat-shaped tea bags into this lovely mix?


Get them on Etsy.

3. And this hoodie with a SNUGGLE POUCH FOR YOUR CAT.


Get it here!

4.While you’re at it, a subscription to Cat Lady Box seems necessary.


The best part is the box itself is a gift for your kitty! Sign up here.

5. These sticky notes will help you remember to pick up cat food on your way home.


Get them from Mochi Things.

6.  This welcome mat lays out the truth before people enter your home.


Found on Amazon!

7.And this throw pillow with a similar sentiment is good for emphasis.


Get it here!

8.Keep things clean with this adorable, cat-paw sponge.


Order them here!


9.Like, for instance, this simple yet wonderful cutting board.

Found on Etsy!

10.If you want to be more subtle, you can sneakily put these cat-feet socks on your furniture.


Find them here.

11.And apply these hungry-kitten corner protectors!


Found on Amazon.

12.Or slide these delightful cat-butt coasters under the drinks of your unsuspecting guests.


Amazing mug, not included. Found here!

13.Maybe you’re ready to rock this blunt T-shirt.


Like…you can’t really argue with the statement. Get it here!

14.Finally, you’ll want to purchase this ukulele because what you TRULY need is a Cat Lady Theme Song.


Customizable on Etsy!

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(h/t: Buzzfeed )