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10 Simple Suggestions To Help Extend Your Cat’s Life


The life expectancy of your average cat is just about 15 years. Indoor cats seem to live a few more years due to better conditioning and health care. In order to ensure that your cat lives a longer life, you must take care of its heath. Here are 10 suggestions – different measures one may take to ensure healthy and long life of their cats!

1. Water Consumption Is Extremely Important!

Extend-cats-life-1You may not have thought too much about this in the past, but many cats do not consume adequate amounts of water without encouragement. Encourage water consumption for your fur-baby through the use of canned foods (which have a much higher moisture content than kibble), water fountains, dripping faucets, or by adding water to their dry kibble.

2. Cats Do Need to Exercise

Extend-cats-life-2Keeping your kitty lean and in good shape and health is another contributing factor to giving your cat a long and healthy life. Overweight kitties are more prone to a number of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, skin disease, respiratory disease.

3. Groom Your Kitty On A Regular Basis

Extend-cats-life-3Though cats naturally groom themselves for literally hours each day, indoor cats especially may end up with extra hair that then shows up in hairballs. Regular grooming will definitely cut down on excess hair both in your house and in your cat’s stomach.

4. Note Any Behavioral Changes In Your Cat

Extend-cats-life-4Cats are certainly creatures of habit, and even a tiny change in behavior could indicate a potentially life-threatening health issue.

5. Be Sure All of Your Cat’s Vaccinations Are Up-to-Date

Extend-cats-life-5One sure-fire way of increasing the life expectancy of your fur-baby is to make sure that your pet has all of the required vaccinations.


6. Do Your Best To Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Extend-cats-life-6Your cat’s teeth speak volumes about his or her general health.Chronic tarter, gingivitis and plaque each contribute to bacterial growth and seeding to the rest of the body, just as in humans, which may lead to further health issues.

7. Be Aware Of Too Much Weight Loss

Extend-cats-life-7On the flip-side, weight loss may also be a symptom of a serious health condition.

8. Do Not Allow Your Cat to Become Obese!

Extend-cats-life-8Although you may love to feed your pet with the best of food very often to show him your love, you may also want to think twice before over-feeding them. An obese cat is much more prone to such diseases as diabetes, arthritis and cardiac arrest, which eventually shortens their life expectancy. You may also play with your pet whenever you can so that it burns out the excess calories.

9. Keep Your Kitty Indoors

Extend-cats-life-9Cats who live indoors have a much higher life expectancy than those cats who are allowed to go outside. Outdoor cats are far more likely to be struck by vehicles or by being exposed to diseases such as feline leukemia, as well as other toxins and harsh weather. In this day and age you also need to be worried about strangers, people. Not everyone loves cats as much as we do. There are actually people in this world who won’t hesitate to harm an unsuspecting cat, and just for kicks!

10. Regular Veterinary Visits Are A Must!

Extend-cats-life-10All cats need to be seen by a vet on a regular basis for check-ups, not only for dental examinations but for a thorough examination of your cat from nose to tail. Cats certainly are true masters of disguise when it comes to disease. Even the most observant cat owner may not be able to spot the early signs of some serious illness.

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    Minimize the amount of carbs one is feeding a cat. Cats were made to eat meats and proteins, not grains.