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10 Homemade Cat Treats That Will Make Your Kitty Drool For More….


If you’re tired of giving your cat the same treats, or your cats perhaps seems uninterested in your routine snacks…it may be time to get creative. There are a lot of DIY cat treat recipes, but these specific ones, are your golden ticket for a very happy cat. Although the combination of ingredients may not look too appetizing to us, they are perfection for our furry buddies….

1. Tuna Catnip Treats


Turn that sad can of tuna into a tasty treat for your kitty!

2. Frozen Tuna Treats


Have a fun ice cube tray just begging to be used? Now’s your chance!

3. Crunchy Tuna Treats


A little love and a little catnip go a long way.

4. Salmon and Oat Treats


Like most homemade treats, these are made with yummy, real ingredients!

5. Salmon and Catnip Croutons


So kitty can pretend she’s eating the same dinner as you!


6. Goat Milk-sicle


You might need to use a milk that works for your cat, as not every cat likes/can handle some milk, but this easy process remains the same!

7. Salmon Crunchies Treats


For when kitty wants to get a lil’ fishy!

8. Homemade Catsicles


Grab your cat’s fave wet food, some plastic cups, and go to town!

9. Ripley Bites (aka Tuna Bites or Catnip Bites or Salmon Bites)


This recipe is super customizable, so find what your buddy loves best and add it in!

10. Tuna and Cheddar Cat Crisps


A little cheese will have your cat asking for more, please! Share with friends!

(h/t: Buzzfeed )